Julie Theroux Internationally Acclaimed Face Reading Expert What Is Face Reading? If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what the image of your face is saying.  When we meet someone, we make decisions based on our first impression.  Face reading is responsible for that first impression, which means – we are all face readers!  Face reading is an instant personality analysis.  The shape, size and location of your features all have meaning.  And those traits then tell the story of who you are. What Does Your Face Say?  You are walking around like a billboard.  Your face reveals the real you and the internal influences that cause you to behave and think in a certain way. >>> read sample face readings  Benefits of Face Reading Face reading validates your impressions of others, which will improve your relationships and communication in all areas of your life  It will help you with job placements, hiring decisions, finding your ideal career, finding your ideal mate, building rapport, improving your relationships,  training, sales, team building, customer service, win negotiations, and so much more. Learning to read faces is easy!  After learning just a few techniques, you will have profound insights into others and yourself beyond anything you thought was possible. Buy the book, Beginning Face Reading (also available as an ebook) and join the Face Reading Academy today to begin your exciting journey into the fascinating world of Face Reading. © Time To Face It, LLC, 2011-2012 All rights reserved www.TimeToFaceIt.com  Contact Julie Toll free:  866-800-3223 julie@timetofaceit.com Home | About Julie Theroux | About Face Reading | FAQs | Face Reading In The News | Face Reading Articles | Julie Theroux Books | Face Reading Classes Face Reading Seminars | Julie Theroux Speaking Engagements | Julie Theroux Events |  Contact Julie Theroux Face reading and body language expert Julie Theroux is a popular television and radio guest, keynote speaker, corporate seminar trainer, consultant and author. Her keynotes, seminars, workshops, and face reading classes teach how to use face reading in sales, training, communication, industry, romance, and parenting, to name a few. Julie Theroux founded the Face Reading Academy through which you can become a face reader. For the more casual student, Julie has written "Face Reading for Beginners", "Human Resources & The Art of Face Reading", and "Reading the Face of a Child". For more information on face reading contact Julie toll-free:  866-800-3223 julie@timetofaceit.com. www.timetofaceit.com Monica's Website Design Time to Face It Time to Face It Face Reading | Face Reader Julie Theroux Face Reading Academy Certification Program Basic Face Reading Certification Master Face Reader Certification
Watch Julie's interview on Fox10 Phoenix Find The Answers: What is face reading? Sample Reading How can I learn to read faces? How will face reading help me? How can I book Julie for a guest appearance, keynote, or workshop? Julie Theroux Internationally Acclaimed Face Reading Expert There is more to the face than meets the eye.  Learn to see yourself and others in a new way. Face Reading “Unless you spend every minute of every day in a dark room by yourself, you need to know how to use the art of face reading.” J. Davis, USDA Home About Julie Theroux About Face Reading Articles & News Face Reading Books & Products Events Blog Speaking Contact Julie Theroux TM
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